Media Planning

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Bright Advertising is recognised as the leading agency for media planning and media buying within the education industry. With unparalleled experience in planning and managing budgets for organisations both nationally and internationally, we are able to determine the best media channels to engage with your intended target audiences.


As an advertising agency working exclusively in the education sector, Bright Advertising has significant negotiating power to buy media space for our customers at incredibly competitive prices. This is complimented by our knowledge and expertise in media planning.


Locally or nationally, the effectiveness of an advertising campaign is based on attractive and eye-catching design. That’s why at Bright Advertising we offer a wide range of services to complement your advertising and marketing. Working together, we will reduce costs and increase the impact of your campaigns both online and in print.


National or local newspapers? Magazines? Online? Social Media? Outdoor advertising? Radio? There is a lot of effective media to choose from. Contact us to plan your forthcoming advertising campaigns.