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As well as our recruitment, advertising and marketing services, Bright Advertising also offers film production services. We work with award-winning and professional crews with experience in the education sector.  Together we produce high quality promotional video work to showcase your organisation.

If you are looking for:

  • A professional video to be uploaded on to your website, on social media or put into a video book
  • Aerial footage of your organisation or event (drone or manned helicopter)
  • 360º dynamic camera moves
  • Motion graphics such as key messages or animation
  • Editing and music licensing

Bright Advertising can help. We will organise and take care of the film production every step of the way, prepare a filming brief, shoot the film on location and edit the video to create a high quality production. We have voiceover expertise at Bright to enable us to work with professionals and offer our speedy and efficient service from concept to delivery. We work with you to create a marketing tool that stands out from the crowd and a video to generate success through inbound marketing.

Contact us for a meeting about your next video.