Direct Mail & e-Marketing

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Direct mail and e-marketing are the most frequently used and cost-effective ways to talk one-to-one with current and potential parents. Their versatility and flexibility allows your school to communicate and engage with your target audience.

A powerful message, carefully considered layout and strong school branding are the elements that will drive your school’s direct mail and e-marketing campaign to real success. If you are looking to connect with your target audience, Bright Advertising will create the perfect campaign for your school, from start to finish.

Design, production, printing, mailing and tracking results are some of the services we offer. In addition, we can also source databases with specific demographics and geo-targeted data on your behalf. Bright Advertising will ensure that your campaign reaches the right postcodes or email addresses.


Create better communication with your school’s target audiences, either by post or email. Contact us to help you to plan your next school’s direct mail and e-marketing campaign.