Outdoor Advertising

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If we lift our eyes from the computer screens for a moment, or from the publications where there is so much advertising and marketing for schools, we can see that there is also a wide range of outdoor advertising opportunities.


Outdoor advertising can be used to mass target or ring-fence a specific audience.

Roadside or sports pitch banners: Bright Advertising prepares and produces PVC roadside banners for schools throughout the UK.  The usual format is 3m x 1m, but they can be prepared to most sizes to suit your requirements.  Banners are a great way to reach your audience on a national or local level, at sport venues, outside the school or around your town.

Transport advertising: Advertising on buses, trains, taxis and the underground gives a good opportunity to interact with your target audience whilst delivering the message about your school. Whether you want to drive response or create awareness, outdoor advertising offers a wide range of formats to reach prospective pupils and parents whilst they are commuting, shopping, house-hunting or on the school-run.

Outdoor poster advertising: People on average spend more than eight hours a day out of their home, not just working but also socialising.  This represents a great opportunity for reaching prospective parents on a daily basis. Illuminated bus shelters and posters on station platforms, especially designed to be eye-catching and well positioned, will catch the commuters’ attention.

In addition, posters and banners in shopping centres, country fairs and sporting events, can also be very effective. Outdoor poster advertising offers unique opportunities to deliver a highly visible message to drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and students in your region.

Contact Bright Advertising and we will help you increase your reach through outdoor advertising.  We will develop a plan tailored to your school’s needs, ensuring the best sites across all formats of outdoor advertising.  Your school will get the best visibility and, consequently, the best results.