Rebranding & Logos

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At Bright Advertising we understand the importance and relevance of your school’s branding.

Your name, design, logo and school motto are the main icons used to represent your school identity. These are shown on pupils’ uniforms; signs around your school building; printed on the school minibus; your generic and open day advertising and promotional marketing material.

A brand should evolve with the school. It is possible that a message created 100 years ago may not be relevant today. Therefore, Bright Advertising can help your school to create, change or enhance your branding.  Bright Advertising offers a complete service that includes:

  • Developing an analysis of your current branding
  • Creating a new branding and logo that can be used across all forms of marketing and communication
  • Helping enhance your existing brand identity
  • Ensuring brand consistency is maintained across all marketing and promotional material
  • Creating branding guidelines that will ensure your school logo, fonts and colours are always replicated correctly

For more details about our rebranding and logo services, please phone or email us. Bright Advertising will help your school stand out in a competitive and increasingly image-conscious market.