Education Recruitment Advertising

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Recruiting? And wanting to know where best to advertise?  We know the education sector like the back of our hands. Bright Advertising can advise where to place your education recruitment ads for the best results both in the UK and internationally.

Great results!

Bright Advertising has placed thousands of successful education recruitment adverts for schools throughout the UK in the broadest possible range of publications. This includes The Times Educational Supplement (TES Global), national and local newspapers and specialist press, including relevant websites and job boards. Many schools rely on us for media advice, placing their teaching and non-teaching recruitment posts effectively and choosing the best media options, whether for print or online advertising.


Excellent savings!

Your school will benefit from Bright Advertising’s excellent media planning and buying.  Our generous discounts will have a positive impact on your annual recruitment budget. We also offer creative design and artwork services to prepare eye-catching and effective education recruitment advertising at very competitive prices. Proofs are emailed for client approval and we transmit the adverts on your behalf.


Service with a smile!

Bright Advertising will take the pressure of media bookings and deadlines away from you, giving the peace of mind that your education recruitment advertising is in safe hands.


Make life easier and save money!  Call us on 01763 849977 or email us to book your next recruitment advertisement.